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We’re The Best Floor Cleaning Company The Gulf Coast Has to Offer. The Premier Choice in Mobile Alabama for  Tile/Grout, Concrete and Carpet, Commercial And Residential Floor Care.

A happy family and a productive workplace begin with a healthy environment. Make your floors shine by choosing Expert Care Restoration, the very best cleaning. We invest every effort and use every resource at our disposal to ensure that you have a seamless, hassle-free, and top-notch experience.

We DO NOT Show Up Late

How many times have you cleared your schedule to have some work done on your home or business – only to have them show up late, or worse – not show up at all? At Expert Care Restoration, we can guarantee you that this will NOT happen.

Don’t Settle For A Sloppy Job

It’s easy to get away with shoddy work, especially since most homeowners or businesses are not familiar with the cleaning process. Our professionals take pride in doing a meticulous job and wrapping up all loose ends.

No Nasty Fumes

Who wants their home or business to smell like a chemical factory? No one. That’s why at Expert Care Restoration we make sure to use only non-toxic and pleasant smelling cleansers. There’s no reason why your floors shouldn’t be super clean AND smell crisp and fresh.

We Are Gentle With Your Belongings

It’s highly irritating when supposed professionals are rough with your stuff. We take precautions to be gentle when moving your furniture and while cleaning, to avoid scraping or denting your floors and walls and denting or banging your belongings or store fixtures.

Our Services

Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing, Grout Color Sealing

Tile and grout start off looking elegant and sleek. But we all know what happens a few years down the line. It’s often tough to recall the original color of the grout. We thoroughly clean and restore ALL types of tile and grout surfaces, including natural stone and concrete. After we’ve worked our magic your tiles and grout will be transformed and look amazing.

Upholstery Cleaning

With Expert Care Restoration on the scene, your furniture will be in tip-top condition. Cleaning your furniture regularly keeps it in great shape and removes common blemishes like body oils, spots, and stains. If you live in Mobile and your upholstery needs a tuneup, give us a call right away.

Carpet Cleaning

Food spills, dirt, oils, bacteria, and other contaminants settle in carpets over time. To extract all that gunk, it’s important to call the carpet cleaning experts to have them cleaned annually. Businesses may want to consider cleaning their carpets monthly or quarterly due to the high volume of traffic . The majority of the pollutants that reside in your carpets may be invisible – but they are certainly not harmless.

Natural Stone Cleaning and Grout Repair, Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

Restore your natural stone to natural sheen, color and luster.  Our process extracts the dirt and grime for a clean fresh floor.  Expert Care Restoration can coat your floors to make them last even longer. Ask about sealing or coating programs.





What Our Clients Say About Us

George and the Expert Care team have been cleaning our tile and grout at my office and home since 2016.   They do excellent work and are very professional.  I highly recommend them.

Jan L.

As a business owner of a busy fitness franchise, I pay close attention to cleanliness and detail.  The slate tile in the locker rooms was looking old, and the grout lines were dirty.  I hired Expert Care to restore the tile.  I was curious just how good it would come out, and WOW it came out great!  The tile looked very clean and all the original colors were vibrant again.  The grout lines were amazingly clean.  The locker rooms looked brand new once again.  I am very pleased with the finished product.

Steve G.

“My home is 33 years old and the tile and grout had never been professionally cleaned.  I had heard from several friends and neighbors about the great service that they had gotten from Expert Care.   Wow!  They really brought my floors back to life!”
           Kim W.
“I manage a busy retail club with lots of traffic every day.   I called George back in 2010 and started using their cleaning services on a monthly basis.  They have done an excellent job communicating with my team and keeping our surfaces clean.   When I got transferred, I made sure to bring Expert Care along with me to my new location.  Very professional group of guys!”
Troy D.

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